What is a Quinceañera? The Message, Apparel, & Customs

You’re of hispanic origin and have a teenage daughter, or just a curious bystander. You’re interested in answering the question, what is a quinceañera? The following touches on the significance, attire, and the traditions of a quinceañera celebration.

What is a Quinceañera CelebrationThe 15th birthday for hispanic girls marks one of the most significant celebrations of their lives. The quinceañera symbolizes a young woman’s transition from child to adult. The origins of this fest can be traced back to indigenous cultures and has become more extraordinary with time. Modern parents are known to spend more money on the quinceañera party than on a wedding.

A quinceañera dress is often floor-length satin with lace and rhinestone adornments accompanied by an attractive tiara, transforming a young woman into the fairy tale princess of her dreams – this helps make sense of the high price tag. Traditionally, you would see a pale pink or white gown, but all hues have become increasingly accepted.

The quince girl reaffirms her dedication to God at a Catholic church. This unique mass marks the first part of the ceremony. The second part is the reception. Limousine shuttle is often the mode of transportation to the venue where choreographed dances, food, dessert, and an official presentation of the birthday girl take place. This is the official entrance of a young hispanic woman’s entrance into society.

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