Sending Valentine Cards from Grandparents Delivers a Very Special Message

Everyday we get to share our love with our children, grandchildren and loved ones is so special. That’s what I love about celebrations and holidays, especially Valentines Day. Every child, from pre-school and up, know that Valentines’s Day symbolizes love. So every year at this time, my husband  and I pick out a very special card (and maybe a small gift) for each of our seven grandchildren. I write a unique note in the Valentine cards from grandparents , so Grandma’s valentine’s cards have always been special to them.

To make it a real celebration, through a Mini-Valentine’s Day Party, by inviting your family over for dinner or dessert. Use festive Valentine party supplies and pass out cards not only to the Grandkids but to each of your children and  his spouse.

Valentine Cards from GrandparentsBPK TIP:  Here’s a hint,your valentine doesn’t need to say “From Grandma or Grandpa”  or be one of those special cards from grandparents, an ” I love you card” works well, too. Be sure to include a personal message and use print instead of cursive, so it can be read by the older children.

Each of our grandchildren has each  has a special personality and maybe, if you are lucky, shares a  little secret with you. Those memories are what you should share with them in your Valentine cards from Grandparents. This holiday is a wonderful time to tell your grandchildren that you love them.  I adore my seven grandchildren and I never miss a chance to  celebrate with them.