There are Tons of Unique Party Favors that You May Not Have Thought of Yet

unique party favorsBirthday party favors are considered a way of saying thank you for coming, but finding the most unique birthday favors for your special birthday boy or girl is often a daunting and expensive task. There are some tricks to it, though, including how and where you begin.  The best way to get started is to decide on either one personalized birthday party theme for unique party favors or customize favor ideas for your guests. Let’s face it, some birthday party favors are junk, and larger and/or personalized favors offer safety from food allergies and last a lot longer. Smaller favors might include candy, stickers, small toys and birthday party noisemakers.

Personalized party favors are always loved! Consider something like a bookmark (available from our trusted partner, Birthday in a Box), key tag, or luggage tag. Unique party favors are always available to match your party themes.

Here are some ideas for choosing and purchasing the right party favors for you:

  1. Choose your party theme and coordinate your party favors.
  2. To take advantage of FREE SHIPPING and discounts, select your favors at the same time you order your birthday party supplies.
  3. Always order a few extra favors for “surprise” guests and siblings.
  4. For several small favors, start by picking favor bags or boxes. Then, you can mix and match a variety of toys, games, stickers, tattoos, stationary and candy. Decide whether to select your own items for your birthday favor boxes or bags, or choose your own favors. Most party favor kits come with a themed container such as a bag, box, or bucket that you can put all the favors into.
  5. For personalized gifts, check if the party theme includes personalized items like bookmarks, zipper pulls or placemats. Other options include personalized sand pails, books, carrying cases, tote bags and lots more.
  6. Check to make sure that your order will arrive in enough time for you to fill the bags and once filled and tagged with each child’s name. Then place them in an open cardboard box. Be sure to hide them from any curious critters or kids that might be lurking within your home!

cardboard standupCreate Your Own Unique Birthday Party Favors for Kids

  1. Photo take home card for loot bag: When ordering your party supplies, include a cardboard standup such as the one pictured on the right.
  2. Check this listing for Favors on Clearance (also Birthday in a Box) and build your party theme around this great cost-saving opportunity.

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