Rock Star Tween Party Supplies

Use our party planning ideas and your rock star party is sure to be hit! Today’s older kids are totally tuned in and love to party like a rock star, and since this theme is popular with kids of all ages, many of our Party Like a Rock Star ideas can be made easier for younger guests. Get ideas for Rock Star Party Invitations, favors and much more!

Planning & Invitations

It’s important to select a location for your child’s rock star party early on in the planning process. If you’d rather not have the party at home, consider reserving a local recreation center room, a community clubhouse, or your church hall. Be sure to put the address and directions on your invitation.

What Do I Need for the Party?

Once you’ve decided where to have your child’s rock star party, it’s time to start thinking about what supplies you’ll need, if you plan to use paper tableware and rock star themed party supplies.

In addition to basic party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may also consider purchasing or renting the following items:

  • A Karaoke Machine (practice using it before the party day!) and Karaoke CDs, if Needed
  • A CD Player and Your Child’s Favorite Music CD’s
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Inflatable Guitars
  • Inflatable Microphones

Rock Star Invitations

As you think about supplies for your child’s party, pay special attention to the invitations. Creative invitations build excitement and can increase attendance at your child’s rock star party. If you have time to make your own, be sure to involve your child in choosing the design and filling in the details. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make invitations from cardstock in the shape of a guitar. On the front of each write “Rock the House at [child’s name]’s Party!” and put the other party details on the back.
  • Use empty CD cases to hold the invitations. Design each invitation to look like the cover of a music CD using markers or CD label-making software, and then cut each one to size and insert them into the CD cases.
  • Find a photo of your child’s favorite singer or group, and copy it onto one side of an 8-1/2″ x 11” piece of paper. Then, feed the copies into your printer so that the party invitation details print on the other side. (Alternatively, you can insert a photo from the Internet into a word-processing program, and then type the party details below the picture or on a second page.) Roll up each invitation, and slip on a small rubber band to resemble a concert poster. Either hand deliver these or use mailing tubes.
  • Design your invitations to look like concert tickets. Use wording like “For One Night Only!” and “At [your child’s name]’s Auditorium.”

Rock Star Party  Performing

Performing their favorite songs can be a very popular activity for tweens and teens. If you include this activity, be sure to let your guests know in advance that they can perform in groups, they can lip sync to the songs, or they can choose NOT to perform at all. Shy guests will be more likely to attend if they know they have these options, so we suggest including this information on the invitations.

If your guests do perform during the party, do not ask any other guests to be judges. Even great kids can unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings.

Rock Star Party Favors

Choose party favors for your guests based on their ages. Preteens and teens will likely prefer items such as temporary tattoos, lip gloss or make-up kits, music CD’s, magic microphones, stadium cups, directors’ clapboards, and other rock star party favors.

If you’re short on time or wish to simplify the pre-party prep process, you can purchase complete Music Party Favor Sets that include matching bags or boxes! Should you want to add candy, we offer lots of sweet treats that kids love!

Personalized party favors like bag tags can be used on a child’s backpack or lunchbox. We have several designs for Rock Music personalized bag tags. Just choose the design, give us the name of each guest, and we’ll do the rest! Whichever favors you choose, your guests will be singing praises for your party all the way home!

Fun Ideas to Set the Stage

  • Have your guests come to the party dressed as their favorite music stars.
  • Run a “red carpet” up to your door using a roll of red gift wrap paper.
  • Draw a star for each guest on the driveway using chalk, and write one child’s name in each star.
  • Hang a sign on your front door saying “Rock Concert Tonight—Sold Out!”
  • Use our personalized bag tags as “Backstage Passes”, and hand one to each guest as they arrive. (We can print a tag for each of your guests that says “[guest name]’s Backstage Pass” or put a generic message on all of the tags you order.)
  • Create a stage area where your guests can sing and/or dance. First, get a plain white sheet to use as the background, and paint on huge speakers. Then, hang the sheet on the wall, and outline it with clear lights. Or, just designate the floor space in front of your windows as the stage area. Then all you need to do is close the curtains and hang a string of clear lights around the window frame.
  • Balloons and more balloons will really set the mood! A group of star-shaped balloons can anchor each corner of the stage area. Or, mix metallic and/or colorful balloons, and place them in groups of five around the party space. You can either tie the balloons to objects in the party area or attach them to balloon weights.
  • Hang posters of bands or singers around the party space.
  • Write your guests’ names on stars, and hang them on the walls or from the ceiling.
  • Set up a dressing room area, and let the kids “glam” themselves up with glitter hair spray, hair gel, stick-on body jewels, and temporary tattoos. For older kids, add makeup and body glitter.
  • Hand out glow sticks for that “live concert” feeling.
  • Set out a few disposable cameras so your guests can take pictures during the party. They’re sure to get some great shots!
  • Rent a flashing disco ball for added fun.

Concert Style Snacks

Serve fun snacks that your guests might find at a real concert, like:

  • Chicken Wings or Chicken Tenders
  • French Fries Served in Stadium Cups
  • Pizza or Pizza Rolls
  • Nachos
  • Popcorn Served in Individual Bags
  • Sodas

Here are a few more treat ideas to round out your menu:

  • Fill a fondue pot with melted chocolate, and serve it with cut up fruit, pretzel rods, marshmallows, or cubes of angel food cake. Have plenty of wooden kabob skewers on hand for dipping.
  • Pour sparkling juice into plastic champagne glasses.
  • Serve a star-shaped cake, and pipe on words like “You’re a Star” or “Rock n’ Roll”.

Games and Activities

Super Stage Show

Performing their favorite songs can be very popular with this age group. Here’s our guide to making sure everyone feels like a star!

Dance Party

Get everyone moving to the beat with a rockin’ dance party!

Rock n’ Roll Freeze Dance

Everyone begins dancing when the music starts, but who can “freeze” when it stops?

Hula Hoop Contest

This activity uses up excess energy, and is a lot of fun, too!