Tinkerbell Party Guide

We Are Off To Neverland With Tinkerbell Party Supplies

We’ve found tons of Tinkerbell party supplies to create a magical birthday for your child with fairy supplies and decorations that everyone will love. Straight from Pixie Hollow, a magical setting in which the Fairies live,  Your little girl will love the complex world with mythology, secrets, and visual splendor all its own. These Disney Fairies thrive side by side in their own communities.

“…you’ll believe you’re in Pixie Hollow!”

Now Tink is back, and has brought along some fairy friends. Invite your kid’s birthday friends to a party with fairy themed party invitations and tinkerbell party supplies. Put a little “pixie dust” glitter in the envelope for good luck.

We all know that fairies can fly, so decorate  with lots of high-flying green, yellow and purple balloons andTinkerbell Party Supplies | Giant Balloon include a Tinkerbell mylar balloon at the center. Fairy plates and tablecloth decorations will bring your theme together with fun tinkerbell party supplies.

Create a fairy wreath for each guest using inexpensive head bands, with greenery and flowers from your local craft store. Be sure to add some glitter glue for that sparkly fairy look. Add a bubble wand for each guest and you’ll believe you’re in Pixie Hollow!

Have you been brushing up on your ballet? It sure seems like it! Fill up a Tinker Bell 66″ Airwalker Balloon and put on a performance for all your friends. Each balloon is made of Mylar material that will shine under the spotlights. Her iridescent wings will sparkle as she spins on her pointed toes. A must-have for any Disney princess parties.

Tinkerbell Party SuppliesPlanning a Tinker Bell themed party for your little girl is easier than you think. Here are some magical ideas for a memorable occasion.

There are so many wonderful decorating ideas! Let’s start with taping ‘glow-in-the-dark’ stars on the ceiling to give the room that “Neverland” feel. Hang ribbon halos and wands all around the party area and tie a generous amount of green and purple balloons to the chairs. Add Tinker bell birthday party table cloth and sprinkle “pixie dust” in the form of shiny confetti on the table. You could even include Peter Pan posters on the walls to finish off the room. And don’t forget the little boys; add some pirate treasure and a few pirate hats!

When the guests arrive, sprinkle each girl with Tink’s magic dust (glitter) and hand the boys an eye patch. This will get everyone in the mood to enter Neverland!

Take a look at all the wonderful Tinker Bell themed party supplies we have and use your imagination to create your very own Neverland!

You might also consider your one of the wonder Disney Tinkerbell videos available on DVD or Blu-ray. Check them out at your local library or video store.

Be sure to check out the complete Tinkerbell Party Guide and other Tinkerbell party supplies, available from Birthday in a Box.  You could also choose from some of our solid colored party supplies to coordinate with your party theme colors.

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