bald eagleJan. 10, Celebrate “Save the Eagles Day” –

You probably haven’t heard of this holiday, but the Bald Eagle is the national emblem of the USA and is now protected by law. Though the protected eagles are still an endanger species. Many American Indians used the feathers of Bald Eagles for their headdresses, so discussing Bald Eagles can be part of a school project on both the environment and Indians. America Eagle Mascot Costume

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Some history about the Bald Eagle:

The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. It represents strength, courage, and freedom.

The eagle is at the top of the food chain, because it is rarely eaten by another animal. The bald eagle is a large predatory bird. When the eagle is around five years of age it will have the following characteristics. The body and wings will be brown. The eagle’s head and tail are an impressive white color. The bill and feet of the eagle are yellow. The eagle’s bill is hooked and very large.

It lives near bodies of water that have a lot of fish. Fish is the main diet of eagles. They will swoop down in the water and pull fish out of the water with their talons. The talons are used to hold onto and tear apart the prey. Their talons are a very strong weapon. If the eaglehooks a prey that is too heavy it can be pulled down into the water and may eventually drown.

Eagles must live in an area that has trees available, so they can live, sleep, and build their nest. An eagle’s nest is used year after year. Tree branches are continuously added which makes the nest huge. A male and female eagle mate for life. The female eagle will usually lay three eggs. Both the male and female eagle will take care of the eggs. One parent will watch over the eggs while the other parent gathers food. After the eggs hatch parents will watch over the eaglets for up to six months. Most eaglets are capable of hunting on their own at this age. However, if a baby eagle has trouble learning to fly the parents will generally not abandon it. Bald eagles can live to around 25 years of age.

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