Tea Party Birthday Fun for Your Little One

Tea Party Birthday

It’s easy to come up with fancy tea party birthday ideas, and it’s perfect for your little miss. It seems that all little girls love a good tea party, whether it be with their stuffed animal and doll “friends” or with any sibling or parent who can be persuaded to sit down and join in.  To help you get inspired, you’ll find the latest in adorable tea party supplies here. But check out some of our great ideas for planning the perfect little girl’s tea circle birthday party.

Of course, you must start by dressing the birthday girl! Your little tea party birthday girl will look beautiful wearing this pink trimmed hat to her party! This tea party hat is adorned with a silk-like rose, pink feathers, and a strap to hold it securely in place. Whatever your plans for the special tea party birthday, remember that you are creating a very special affair for some very elegant little ladies. A kids tea party is a wonderful opportunity for little girls to use their imagination to play dress-up, coming up with some creative tea party ideas of their own to become very fancy ladies for one afternoon.

This theme is a wonderfully, silly and colorful one that opens up loads of possibilities for making your little girl’s birthday Tea Party Packparty the best tea party birthday ever! If you’re short on time, you can find everything you need in The Topsy Turvy Ultimate Party Pack pictured to the right. All the party supplies you need are in one place: plates, napkins, invitations, thank you cards, balloons and more. Or you can pick different pieces from this theme and then add your own flair.

A tea party birthday is also wonderfully easy to improvise on a budget. Plan ahead by looking for old china cups and teapots at your local thrift shops. The guests won’t care that the pieces are not perfect because they’ll love drinking their “tea” out of grown-up china cups.

Look for old lace curtains or fabric in thrift shops or at your local craft store. Use these for a very classy table covering so you don’t have to worry about ruining a good tablecloth. Make tissue paper flowers in different sizes and pretty colors to decorate your party space.

Red StarBPK Tip: Make sure that you tell the other moms about the elegant dress-up theme and encourage them to let the party guests borrow some of their own fancy finery. Or search your local thrift shops for costume accessories.  If you’re entertaining the under-five crowd, you don’t have to give much to make them feel grown-up. A few sparkly bags or scarves, some old pieces of costume jewelry, and you’ve got a very happy crowd of little tea party birthday party girls.