Tailgating – It’s Not All Just about the Party!

playing footballWhat could be more American than celebrating game day with a tailgate party? In fact, the tailgate party is rooted in our culture as a tradition that lets us bond with with friends, family and fellow fans to share the anticipation. Our ancestors’ version of was the harvest festival. Local townspeople shared their harvest before they hunkered down for the long, cold winter. Ancient warriors held celebratory feasts that lasted for days before they went bravely off into battle. Remind you of anything? It’s all about having fun and cheering your team on to victory. Whoever you’re rooting for, tailgate parties require planning.
These Tailgate Party Tips will help simplify the process:

  • Celebrate Team Spirit – Set the stage for your tailgate party by creating a celebratory atmosphere. Show your team spirit by proudly wearing the team colors.
  • Grill it Up! – We don’t have to tell you, do we? Food is the most important part of the tailgate party. Grill-based foods are the staple so you’ll want to plan the main part of your meal around the grill. Use your creativity to come up with original, easy to serve grilled foods like sausages or kebabs. Burgers and hot dogs are always a good fallback if you’re short on time. If you haven’t invested in one yet, a quality portable grill will last through Licensed NFL Party Supplies at Team Spirit Party Suppliesmany football seasons. There are also many cookbooks available to help prepare for a Sunday night Football or a Tailgate party. Many are written by ex-plays like NBC Sunday Night Football Cookbook by John Madden + Free Shipping Offer.
  • Easy Snacks –If you’re not quite prepared to go the grill route, think nachos or foot-long subs for easy snacking. Anything that’s easy to eat and put together in the parking lot will suit your purposes.
  • Beverages –Beer, of course. A keg is most practical to serve a large crowd. Be sure to check with the stadium beforehand for rules on open alcohol containers. Choose cans instead of bottles, and have plenty of can koozies on hand for warm autumn afternoons. Don’t forget soda, iced tea, hot cocoa or spiced cider for those who are non-drinkers.
  • Extras
  1. A cooler on wheels is a must-have for your tailgate party. Freeze bottled water and use them as ice packs to serve double-duty. By the time the game’s over, you’ll be ready to hydrate with a nice cold bottle of water.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of resealable containers, picnic baskets and dishware for storing and serving food. Of course, you need accessories like barbecue utensils, cups and napkins. Choose disposable items wherever possible for easy cleanup.
  3. For comfort, you’ll need camping chairs, a blanket if the wind picks up, and umbrellas and rain ponchos in case it rains.
  4. A folding table will simplify preparation and serving of food.
  5. Generator – If you have a lot of electronics, consider getting a small generator to help run the whole operation. This way, you can bring more advanced cooking equipment, heaters and mini fridges.
  6. Team Up – The best way to keep on top of every single detail is to delegate responsibility. Tailgate parties are a job for one person. Recruit friends and divvy up the tasks. This way, everything will get done and the tailgate will be a success.

A tailgate party does take work, but when the game day arrives you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the great food, football and the outdoors with friends and fellow fans.