Try These Fun Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

A Sweet 16 party is second only to planning a future wedding!  Many look at this special day as a girls coming of age (Quinceanera), as celebrated in many cultures through a ritual or ceremony. This birthday is one for the memory books, so plan well!  We’ve found tons of Sweet Sixteen party ideas for your teen’s birthday  including invitations, party decorations and and party activities.

Here’s Are Some Of Our Party Ideas and Tips:

  • Choose the date: Whether your Sweet 16 Party actually takes place on the actual birth date may depend on a number of things. When planning keep in mind that if it is on or near a holiday that may interfere with friends or family who plan to be away. Planning your sweet 16 party on the weekend before or after the actual birth date would be appropriate. You will also need to decide whether you want an afternoon or evening event.
  • Choosing a venue: As this is a party that plays a large part of a girl’s life, you will need to put some thought into a location, and the budget for your sweet sixteen party. Be creative! You may choose to use your home, or yard, if you live in a good climate. You can rent a tent and hold the party at a local park. Church halls, banquet halls, a community center or even a restaurant also make great locations. Your party venue may rest upon how many guests you plan to invite. Discuss this with the birthday girl. If she is shy, she may want a small gathering, or only a few close friends and family. If it is a large party, discuss your budget and how much to allocate for a venue, party supplies, etc.
  • Invitations: Order your party invitations, and send them out several weeks before the sweet sixteen party. If you haven’t chosen a particular theme idea, such as VIP Bash, or Punk Princess, you may consider one now. A personalized invitation would be a great keep-sake to remember the day. Be sure to include an RSVP.  Make it as personal as possible so your guests will be excited for your big day too.
  • Decorations: You’ll definitely want to “dress up” this special occasion no matter where it is held, even if it is just crepe streamers or just balloons. Of course, you can find all your birthday party supplies here, no matter what you theme or where your venue.
  • Party Favors: Your daughter will definitely want to give a “Thank You” favor to her special guests.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, just fun and reflective of her and the Sweet Sixteen Party ideas.

Don’t forget to make some memories. After the party, create a personalized photo book on Shutterly to showcase your unique Sweet 16 party ideas and for your daughter to cherish for years to come!  You and your daughter will be so glad that you captured all of those memories to look back on when she is older.
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