Start the Action for Your Superhero Birthday Party..

superhero birthday partyKids love playing superheroes & will have super fun  at a Superhero birthday party featuring their favorite characters from comic books, TV &  the big screen. Creating a Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man or Superman theme for your kid’s party gets the action going at any party!  Start out with a custom invitation created with a life-size, photo decoration. Boys and girls relish playing superheroes, and  they will have super fun at a birthday party for his favorite superhero featuring their favorite characters from comic books, TV and the big screen.  A Superhero birthday party theme is one of the most simple and inexpensive parties to plan for, with all the birthday party kids in costume.

Superhero Party Games: Consider having the party outdoors with balls to kick, games of tag,  and a table with crayons and paper where the creative heroes can draw their own cartoon stories.  Plan a simple hunt to find hidden “devices” that must be put together to save the world!   There are tons of activities you can adapt to the specific superhero your child chooses. Try these:

Superhero Contest

All Superheroes are known for their strength, agility and more, so why not hold a  strength contest? Have the kids compete in a variety of events to show off their superhero skills. There are tons of things you can include, such as contests to decide who can run the fastest, jump the highest, throw a ball the farthest, skip rope the longest.

More Superhero Birthday Celebration Ideas

  • The Balloon Between the Knee Race – Inflate the balloon so that it fits comfortably between the knees of the child. Don’t inflate too much. Have the children put the balloon between their knees and run or hop to the fish line.
  • Walk Backwards – This is very easy for the youngest children. Just walk fast backwards trying not to bump into each other to the finish line.Remember to have an ending ceremony. Stress that you have never seen such a group of “superheros” before and that everyone is a winner for participating. Then, hand out some party favors for all the winners to enjoy.
  • Superhero Jigsaw Puzzles – Purchase some extra sets of Iron Man themed party plates and have each child cut his or her plate into pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Let them trade them and have a contest to see how fast they can put the puzzles together!

Food: Get creative with simple snacks named after super villains’; Mr. Freeze ( ice pops), the Blob (gelatin snacks), Clown Face, (cookies or cupcakes), Penguin pizza puffs.  There is no end to the possibilities so let your imagination run wild.

Decorations: Set the mood for a super day with plenty of red, white and blue; streamers, table covers, and confetti.  A Spiderman theme with webs all around, or Gotham City made from large cardboard boxes and black construction paper.  There are also plenty of superhero decorations available to match your birthday hosts chosen hero.
If your child can’t decide which superhero is his favorite, just have  a “Superhero”birthday party and invite them all!  No matter who your chosen heroes are, Transformers, Ironman, Spiderman, Batman or Superman, this will be a super fun filled day with super memories, and you won’t have to be a super parent to pull it off!

Kids love playing superheroes & will have super fun at a Superhero birthday party featuring their favorite characters from comic book, TV & the big screen characters. Mix and match your favorite superhero  party supplies from our great collection. To narrow your search try entering a word like: “spiderman” into the search box below.