super mario party suppliesDecorate with Super Mario Party Supplies

Kids love these vibrant Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario party supplies almost as much as they love playing video games with the fun characters on their Wii! The Super Mario  theme offer a creative way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Super Mario and his buddies race to the finish line on invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, napkins, table covers, centerpieces, and foil balloons. You might start with a brightly colored 24” by 80” personalized birthday banner featuring Mario and Luigi and your child’s first name.

Save as much as $30 when you buy Super Mario party supplies in party packs, which include items such as plates, cups, napkins, candles, and party favors. Then customize your party’s design by adding latex balloons in your child’s favorite colors, and Mylar balloons featuring your child’s favorite characters.

super mario party suppliesMario himself is available on a fun cardboard cutout. Why not take photos of all the kids with Mario, and then send copies with your thank-you notes? The cardboard standup is 6′ high and easy to assemble, and it makes a great decoration for a playroom or bedroom after the party. We also offer Mario and friends on easy-to-remove vinyl wall decals which are also great to reuse in your child’s room.

Speaking of thank-you notes, we have those, too. What better way to inspire your child to practice good manners than by having fun by sending cards with Luigi printed on the front?

At a Mario Kart party, you might be tempted to have a video game tournament, but do you really want ten kids arguing over two controllers? Instead, continue the game theme by creating your own contests featuring Super Mario and friends, inspired by classic party games. Kids love old-fashioned games like tag, bean bag throws, treasure hunts, and relay races.

Here’s an idea to try at your child’s next party.

Buy some children’s caps or hats in green or red. Half of the children get red caps while the other half get green ones. Get some Fand paint or stencil a large L on the green Luigi hats, and on the Mario red hats paint a large M. If you’re looking for an easy craft and want to stretch your birthday budget, set up a table and have your guests paint the letters on their own hats.

Now form two teams, the Mario team and the Luigi team. Once you have formed two teams, there are any number of team party games you can play.

Here are two games where the Mario and Luigi teams can compete:

Get the Goomba – Purchase some plain brown balloons. Before blowing them up, put some plastic coins in each. Divide the balloons among the two teams, and have the kids pop the balloons to get the coins. The team with the most coins is the winner.

Obstacle Course – Children love obstacle courses, so why not create one in your own backyard? Come up with several ideas, such as boxes that they can jump over, hula hoops they need to jump through, tubes they can crawl through, and so on. Have each child start at the beginning of the course, and send the kids through one at a time, first the Mario team and then the Luigi team. Use a stopwatch to keep track of the time it takes for all the kids on each team to complete the course. The team with the fastest combined time wins.

After each game, remember to reward your guests with party favors that are sure to make them smile. Matching favors include the Mario Kart gum tin, shaped like a remote control for the Wii,  Mario sticker sheets, and temporary tattoos.

You’ll find even more Super Mario party supplies and ideas below. If you’re looking for a matching costume or Halloween party goods, visit today. You’ll also want  to buy a great Mario Hat (adult size) to help greet your birthday child’s guests.


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