Celebrate the Special Day with Spiderman Birthday Party Games

Spiderman Party SuppliesSpiderman Party Supplies and Games are a must for a proper Spiderman Birthday Party! Check out these fun game ideas below and just let your imagination lead the way! You can tweak a traditional birthday party game just a bit to turn it into a Spiderman Birthday Party game! For instance, try a new spin on the classic game, and call it ‘Pin the Spidey Villain’. This is an easy and fun game where all the birthday party guests can have fun.

For this simple DIY Spiderman Birthday Party Game all you need is a piece of foam board from your local craft store. Search the web for images of  various Spiderman villains like Venom and Vulture. Print out and glue to the board. Use a red marker to add a point value for each villain. Blindfold each party guest and hand them a push pin (for safety’s sake, DON’T hand these out before the game!). The guest with the highest score is the winner so make sure you have Spiderman party favors ready to hand out!

Spiderman Birthday Party games would not be complete without a little spidey web-throwing action! Silly String is perfect for this fun Spiderman birthday party game, and the kids will love throwing their webs around just like Spiderman! For a simple but fun game, hang black plastic spiders at various distances. Use tape to mark point values, increasing the points as the distance increases. The kids will  have a great time throwing their “webs” to try to get the most points! (Safety Note: Adult supervision required. Children should be told not to aim the string at the face or eyes!)

Fun SpiderMan Party Supplies Make The Party Complete

spiderman pinataEven a Spiderman Birthday party would not be complete without a themed pinata! Turn it into a fun Spiderman Birthday Party game with a few simple adjustments. Start with a Spiderman pinata filled with goodies, add a blindfold, baseball bat or sturdy stick, and place a wide piece of board on the ground under the pinata. Tell the birthday party guests to pretend they’re standing on the edge of a tall building, and they must keep their feet on the board or risk falling off the edge! Each guest gets three swing and two requests for “spidey-sense”. In other words, if they miss on the first swing they can call out “spidey sense” and the other guests can offer clues on where to swing next. The game ends, of course, when someone breaks the pinata. But with pinatas, everybody wins!

spiderman party supplies

Finish out your party planning with this all in one Spiderman Deluxe Kit full of all the spiderman party supplies you will need.  Serves 8 including 8 Spiderman 7″ Cake Plates, 16 Spiderman Luncheon Napkins, 8 Spiderman 9oz Cups, 1 Spiderman Table Cover, 8 Forks/Spoons/Knives, 1 Set Candles, and 2 Sets Streamers.  Everything you need for a great Spiderman Themed Party.

You can probably think up dozens more fun ideas for Spiderman Birthday Party games like a scavenger hunt using Spiderman party favors. When it’s time to reward the guests at the end of a busy birthday party, why not have Spiderman himself make an appearance? Ask Dad or a male friend to put on this great Spiderman costume and make a surprise visit! Younger kids especially will be thrilled, and we bet even the most reluctant “actor” will quickly get into the spirit, adding a fun ending to a day filled with Spiderman Birthday party games!

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