Birthday Party Candy for Birthday Party Fun!

Kid’s birthday party candy comes in every imaginable shape and flavor.  For safety be sure to choose age appropriate candy and ask moms about any food allergies.

Birthday Party Candy can be used for a multitude of things to help create or complete any theme for your birthday party kids!

Decorate your cake with gummy sharks for an ocean theme, or gummy tools for a construction theme. Fill a Piñata with a variety of wrapped candy. Create a centerpiece with lolli-pops and craft supplies. Have a bubble blowing party contest with bubble gum, and we even found an art activity that uses Pixie Stix!

Purchase tiny clear plastic bottles at your local dollar or craft store. Each guest gets a few different color Pixie Stix and a toothpick. Layer the colored pixie sugar into the bottle and gently push the toothpick down the sides of the bottle to create designs. Seal them up when completed and they become a memorable take home gift.

Here are some great candy ideas, but feel free to use the search box to find more!

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