Plan a Preteen Boys Birthday PartyPreteen Boys birthday party planning may have felt pretty easy, but now you are facing the tween years! Your son may be harder to impress than when he was younger, and he may want activities that are a just a bit more grown up than before. Follow these preteen  boys birthday party ideas to plan  his perfect day! Then enjoy it when the big day arrives and your son thinks your his hero—at least for this day anyway!

To start planning a boys birthday party for your preteen first pick a theme. Keep it small, say five or six close friends, and at this stage limited to boys. Your activities may help you pick your boys birthday party theme so start there. Here are a few ideas:

Location: Does your son have a favorite activity? At this age, it can be a lot of fun to hold a boys birthday party at an ice or roller skating rink, bowling alley, game center or local park. Save yourself the hassle of cleaning, preparing the food, and then cleaning up again after the event. These locations usually have a party package and a set price. What better way to impress your child than planning boys party games that they really enjoy? Although the venue will usually include some supplies, add your own boys birthday party activities and decorations.

If you choose to have your party at home, here are some great options to think about.

Sports Theme. Turn your den or living room into a sports box with an ice chest full of soda and water and an array of snacks. Put some sports posters up on the wall, and plan indoor sports games, or a Wii sports competition.

Movie Theme. Rent or purchase a favorite recent release movie. Add pop-corn, pizza and soda for a day (or evening) at the movies!

“Gaming” Theme. Set up your game system to play on the TV. Divide the guest into two groups to compete, making sure each guest gets a chance to play. While the kids re playing the games serve pizza, chips and soda.

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BPK Tip! General Boys Birthday Party Planning Ideas

  • Don’t forget (as if he’d let you!) that your tween is very independent, and he’s also able to take on some of the planning with your help. Let him create his own custom invitations using the computer and printer. Plan for the invitations to arrive at least three weeks before the party and make sure you include the RSVP’s.
  • Toward the end of your party cut and serve the cake and have your birthday boy open any presents he received. Your timing should bring the celebration to a close just about now.
  • Don’t forget to select matching favors for the party theme.  We recommend “Just One Favor” our complete section of affordable, fun birthday party favors.