BIB Preppy Blue Deluxe Pack

Preppy Blue Ocean Birthday Party Supplies for Boys

Boys Birthday Party Supplies for a Nautical Adventure

These Preppy Blue Ocean Birthday Party Supplies are a great solution if you’re looking for birthday party ideas for boys. No matter the time of year, an ocean birthday party theme with nautical touches will be a favorite with your little sailor and his shipmates.

You can easily create an ocean birthday party theme using a few of these colorful birthday party decorations and favors. Then add some nautical touches of your own, and soon your crew will be off on an ocean adventure. Start with a few basic decorations like the party pack pictured to the left, then add an ocean birthday centerpiece.

DIY Invitations are inexpensive and easy to make. You can easily create your own “boarding pass” invitations by creating using your printer and some heavy paper in a coordinating blue or green color. Include the guest’s name, arrival and departure times, and the name of the make-believe ship (something seaworthy like, “Mikey’s Birthday Boat”). Mail in a white envelope, and use stickers or stamps on the outside to extend the ocean party theme.

Now that you have the basic ocean birthday party theme going with some colorful, seaworthy decorations, add some creative Ocean Birthday Party Suppliestouches. Create sails by draping white sheets from the ceiling. Add a touch of the high seas by placing a fan behind the sheets to gently blow the “sails”.

For another fun idea with an ocean feel, blow up a dozen or more solid color latex balloons (no helium needed!) in blues and greens, and create an ocean balloon pit. This activity works best if you can create a separate, safe space so the birthday guests can really enjoy themselves flopping around in their little make-believe ocean.

Have fun with this ocean birthday theme, decorating with items you may already have around the home. Fishing nets, life jackets, toy boats and little plastic sea creatures can add an extra touch without blowing your budget. Take a look through the great products shown below, and set sail from there!