Kids Need to Pretend! Encourage Them To Play Dress Up

play dress upPrincess Bexaboo, as I affectionately call Granddaughter #3, called last night to tell me about “What do you want to be when you grow up day” at her daycare.

She said, Grandma, I’ve been playing with the Betty Crocker mini-oven you bought me for Hanukkah, and I’ve decided to become a chef!”

She then declared “Mommy bought me a Chef’s apron, hat and gloves and I’m all ready!” It was so cute! I remember when my three girls used to play dress up, it went on for hours and it was such fun to watch! I ate soggy cookies, scrubbed burnt pans and decorated hundred of cupcakes and I loved every minute. After the baking, came the tea party, of course. A perfect way to encourage kid’s creative play. So, after the baking is complete, I move on to step 2 in the creative process.

I love to encourage kid’s creative play with dress up costumes. Princesses, warlocks, superheroes, oh my! When kids play dress up, their imagination can transform beyond belief. When your child puts a princess costume or a superhero costume on, it may seem like only a cute moment in time but they are developing in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Research proves that dress up and play time are crucial in your child’s development. It increases your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills.

Captain America CostumeBeing a Mother of three and a Grandma of seven, I know how busy schedules become and the last thing on your mind is to think about having to play with your kids. With so much to be done, it’s much easier to tell them to go watch TV, play a video game or get on the computer. Studies show that one the best things you can do for your child is spend thirty minutes a day playing with them. It creates a lasting bond together and boost their self-esteem. No need to buy the hi-tech toys or coolest video games, just dig out those costumes for kids that you have stored away and jump into their world of possibilities and play dress up.

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Do you have a great idea for dress-up and costume ideas? Share them with by adding a comment below