Pirate Party Favors for Every Little Buccaneer!

Pirate Party Favors


From Eye Patches to activity sets, We’ve Got Party Favors Covered! Pirate party favors from Birthday in a Box can put the finishing touch on your fun pirate get-together. Giving out these little favors show that you are a thoughtful hostess, and you will even find some items that can be used as a hostess gift if you are the guest at the party.

You can choose from fun and inexpensive little novelties or more upscale gifts depending on your needs. Whether you are having a birthday, Halloween, or school party, you’ll love the wide selection of pirate party favors that we’ve found.

Pirate Party Ideas

*Before your Guests Arrive:

Set up a spooky pretend ship (hand some cobwebs and old ripped sails and rope) and have tables for all the kids to work. Place cups and bowls filled with jewels, paint pens, stickers and more down the center of the table. Scatter gold coins and candy treasure throughout the party area in anticipation of a pirate treasure hunt. Each guest can store what they find in their treasure chest (favor box). If you’re feeling really creative, add the names of each guest on the chest beforehand and place each on the table. Help the children assemble these at the beginning of the party and taken home as perfect party favors.

“Scatter gold coins and candy treasure throughout the party area in anticipation of a pirate treasure hunt.”

Pirate Treasure Chest Favor Box

*Upon Your Guests’ Arrival:

After your craft activity has been completed, and while your the treasure chests are put together, send the guests on a treasure hunt to fill their chests. Super simple and loads of fun.

Pirate Party Snacks

Pirate Bananas

Pirate Bananas found at http://mommo-design.blogspot.it

Find hundreds of fun pirate-themed party snacks ideas on Pinterest. Pirates ate pretty much everything, so anything goes at this party. This banana idea, seen at momo-design.blogspot.it, is simple, creative, and sure to be a hit with your guests.

Pirate Party Games

Between the treasure hunt and the activity books, your guests have a  to keep them busy, but what’s a party without a piñata? Birthday in a Box has a perfect treasure chest piñata perfect for all ages.

*After your guests leave:

Involve your child in the cleanup or if needed, have them take a nap. Share the experience of the pirate make believe. You’ve all had a great time!

pink starBPK Tip: Ahoy, Mateys! Check out more pirate party favors and accessories below in the search box, you can even narrow your search for “pirate flags”, etc. Be sure to dress the party boy or girl in a fun pirate costume!