pirate craft

Looking for a Pirate Activity or Pirate Crafts for Kids?

Plan your entire pirate party around this wooden treasure chest craft! A best seller among pirate crafts for kids, this paintable pirate treasure chest can be decorated at the beginning of the party and taken home as a perfect party favor. Both boy pirates and girl pirates will love making their own treasure chests.

Planning A Party:


Before your guests arrive:

  • Set up a pretend ship and have tables for all the kids to work. Place cups and bowls filled with jewels, paint pens, stickers and more down the center of the table. If you’re feeling really creative, paint the names of each guest on the chest beforehand and place each on the table. This paintable would treasure chest can be
    decorated at the beginning of the party and taken home as a perfect pirate party favors.
  • Scatter gold coins and candy treasure throughout the party area in anticipation of a Pirate treasure hunt

After your guests arrive:

  • While your treasure chest are drying, give each pirate a plastic bag to collect the buried treasure you’ve hidden. Be sure to have a name on each bag, so you can place them into the corresponding treasure chest.
  • Remove arts and crafts supplies and use the same area for a snack or meal featuring fun pirate supplies and decorations
  • During the meal or snack, place each child’s treasure bag into their chest to take home as a perfect party favor.
  • Complete you pirate party with pirate’s buried treasure, and keep it safe with a pirate’s treasure chest! No pirate would sail the seven seas without the perfect pirate treasure chest so neither should you!

After your guests leave:

  • Involve your child in the cleanup or give him a nap
  • Share the experience of the day with your child, you’ve done a great job!

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Planning a childrens birthday party around a theme is a great way to combine an activity or craft and a party favor.  You can use your creativity to have kids make their own party favors and they won’t even know it until and they are ready to take this or one of many other pirate crafts for kids home.