Personalized Kids Party Favors Kids Party Favors – Make Your Own

It easy to learn how to make Personalized Kids Party Favors.  Making the party favors yourself makes your party seem more personal and it can also add some added fun to the party planning that you and child can do together. Here are some really great ideas for personalized kids party favors to make at home.

Children’s sand pails, lunch boxes, plastic cups, hats and more all  look adorable as birthday party favors, especially when you personalize them with the children’s names. Birthday Party Kids has a nice selection of both personalized and non-personalized items that make great party favors. Kids Birthday Party FavorsCheck out the great products at the bottom of this page to personalize and then read the article below to learn how easy it is to do!

Here’s are the details of how to make personalized kids party favors:

The trick really is to use the right type of markers and use some fun, easy to draw embellishments that will make you look like a pro.

1. Use simple child-like writing (or font) in a variety of permanent markers. To make it straight, use scotch tape and measure about 1 /3 from the top of the item that you will be personalizing.

2. Use the tape as a level, and write above the tape. Remove the tape and add some simple circles along the end points of each of the letters.

3. Finish off with a simple curved line beneath the name. Here are some simple but pretty choices.

Note: Practice makes perfect. So make sure you practice drawing the line on some paper before doing it on the finished product. You can carry out the squirly brown double line by using a calligraphy type marker that has different tip styles built into it, such as:

4. Your item will look really nicely decorated and the personalized kids party favors make your party feel more personal to your guests also.

5. However, if you want to go a step further, you can add some flowers for the girls. Just simple easy to draw flowers like these work well. Because you are going for a kid-like look, the more simple the better. Think of your favorite flower you drew in 1st grade and you’ll be spot on.

Search below for some of our favorite items to personalize to create your own special personalized kids party favors.