Persionalized Insulated Lunch Bags | Birthday Party KidsPersonalized Insulated Lunch Bags Make Great Birthday Gifts!

This Personalized Kid’s Insulated Lunch Bag  makes a great back-to-school gift for kids of all ages and a perfect personalized birthday gift or personalized party favor for their friends.

For kids, the best part of “back-to-school”is shopping for school supplies and choosing a lunch box or bag.  At $12.95, you’ll love helping them choose one of these  hand-painted personalized insulated lunch bags!   These insulated bags are a great way to carry lunch and keep it cool for hours. The bag features a Velcro closure and a handy carrying strap and measures 10″ high x 7 ½” wide x 4 ½” deep, with plenty of room for a sandwich, drink, snack and even an ice pack.    Be sure to order several insulated lunch bags!

Colors: Royal Blue, Red, Black

Designs: Primary Stars, Pastel Hearts, Primary Crayons, Pastel Crayons

We all know that trading lunch items at school is a tradition, so this year be sure the lunch you pack is wanted by other kids, but eaten by your own child!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Include your child in the lunch planning. If he or she hates tuna, packing a tuna sandwich is pointless.
  • School lunch periods actually amount to only 15 to 20 minutes. Pack easily opened packages, and easy to eat foods.
  • Kids are easily distracted and may not each a lot at one sitting, so rather than packing a whole sandwich, or large items, consider small “appetizer” size foods with lots of variety. Small foods, even a sandwich cut in small shapes will be more fun to eat and hold your child’s interest.
  • Instead of a sandwich, create “dippers”.   Crackers, carrots, mini-bagels or rice cakes with something to dip them in is fun and can be very nutritious. Consider hummus dip, salsa, or bean dip.
  • Think food safety. Freeze your children’s juice boxes to help keep food cold inside the insulated lunch bags and they will thaw to the right temperature in time for lunch!

Of course, this personalized lunch bag is made for food safety and with your child’s name in bright colors, easy to spot in the jumble of other lunch bags.

BPK TipBPK TIP: You might want to order one of these insulated lunch bags for Dad, too! My grandson says his dad keeps taking his! Consider using this product as the package for a gift or as party favors for guests.