Teen Party SuppliesChoosing a birthday gift for a tween or teenager is probably one of the hardest gift choices a mom has.  This age group is just plain “touchy”!  What you think they might really like as a birthday gift, is often what they dislike the most!

The Birthday Party Kidz staff of editors has nine kids and seven grandchildren among us…we’ve been there and done that!  Just take a look!  You’ll love what we’ve found! Choose gifts for this age carefully.  Ask their mom, ask your kids of a similar age or depend on websites like ours that carefully check out these products.  Personalized gifts don’t just get thrown into a pile with all the other toys and junk; they remain as a keepsake for years to come!

You may not understand BFF,  TTYL, BTW or OMG but your kids do! Perfect for the text crazed teen!  drawstring top closure.  Here’s a great example of a great gift for this difficult age group.  A canvas Personalized Kids Sports Bag. You’ll also get FREE personalization Personalize your Kids Sport Bag with any name.  You’ll be a gift giving hero!

Check out the other sayings available for this terrific teen gift!

pirate party craft

BirthdayPartyKidz Tip: With food allergies abundant and calorie counting becoming an issue with kids, more and more moms are turning to “Just One Favor” party favors that say: “Thank you for Coming”!  Consider this idea for the next party you give.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your dollars on one great party favor and not 10 little ones?  Some moms have even told us, “In the long run, it pretty much costs the same!”.