Madeline Birthday Party Supplies are Perfect for Your Little Girl

These adorably irresistible Madeline birthday party supplies featuring the adventurous Madeline will delight any little girl on her birthday. Based on the beloved series of books and movies of the same name, these party supplies feature that precocious little Parisian, Madeline.

 “In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines …”. So begins every delightful book in the Madeline series which have been around for over 70 years and have stood the test of time. We like to think there’s a little bit of Madeline in every little girl!

We also think that you will find it easy to build your theme around these brightly-colored birthday party supplies, whether you choose to use one of these convenient, pre-assembled party packs or decide to pick and choose party supplies to build your own unique theme. The Madeline theme features bold, primary colors in a great assortment of party favors and supplies including invitations, plates, napkins, utensils and decorations. You can easily customize the look by choosing just a few of the themed party supplies and then adding some of your own creativity by choosing coordinating solid color tableware.

The Madeline theme also really lends itself to some creative ideas for party activities and favors, such as:

  • French Lessons: You don’t have to speak French to know simple words and phrases like “Bonjour” (Hello), “Merci beau coup” (Thank you very much!) and “au Revoir” (Farewell or Goodbye). If you’re stuck for pronunciation, check out Google translate, which will not only translate the word but provide an audible prompt.
  • Set the Mood: If you’re not familiar with the books and the scenery, go to the library or search online. Then find images on the web that portray Paris street scenes relevant to the books or movies. Print them up at home or take them to have a shop for enlargement. Find a Madeline soundtrack or just pick up a CD of French music from the library to complete the mood.
  • Pin the Hat on Madeline: A take-off on the familiar game. Find a picture of Madeline online, printing out an extra to make the hat that you’ll pin on the picture.
  • Madeline Hats: This makes a cute party favor and a costume prop that will help get the party guests in the mood. Find some bright yellow paper plates and bowls. Cut a hole in the paper plate that will be used to create the brim of the hat. Cut it small enough to fit over the inverted bowl. Dot hot glue around the edge of the “brim” where it will rest on the inverted bowl.  Tie a black ribbon around the finished hat and, voila!