mommy cardsMommy Cards are the Perfect Gift for Any Celebration!

I just finished customizing and ordering these “Mommy Cards” as Hanukkah gifts for my three wonderful daughters. It was such fun thinking of all that they do and personalize each card for my Soccer Mom, Dance Mom, and my middle daughter, whom I always call “The crisis manager”.  After feeling a huge sense of achievement at thinking of 30 titles, and using the very easy Tiny Prints customizing tool, it occurred to me that these cards would be fabulous gifts for any occasion, especially, holidays and for new moms.

Imagine creating a card (you can change the colors, too) for a new mom as a special baby shower gift and giving her all kinds of jobs she might not even know she’s in for like “Bottle Scrubber, “Bottom Scrubber”, “Laundress” or “Night Watchman”. Order some today!

Please share your “mommy cards” and ideas with us in the comments section below or pin your card on our boards at Pinterest.