Mod Monkey Party Supplies

Mod Monkey Party Supplies For Boys And Girls Are More Popular than Ever

Your little  boy or girl will love the Mod Monkey party supplies for their party! It’s full of energy, just like your toddler!  Every type of accessory is available for this birthday party theme, so this is one party you’ll easily be able to coordinate.

You can start your party with a Mod Monkey Party Supplies party pack. This pack really does come with it all and will save you money in the long haul. You won’t be disappointed when you open the box – invitations, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, solid tablecloths, streamers, and more. This is a sure way to get your party on the right track quickly and without fuss!

Pink Mod Monkey Birthday SuppliesMod Monkey Party favors couldn’t be easier! Purchase already assembled favor boxes that include a Mod Monkey blower, cuddly stuffed monkey, stickers, and coloring poster with crayons. Or just purchase the empty party favor box and fill with items of your choice. The handles make it easy for your little guests to carry them around with them and they will love the bright theme colors of yellow and turquoise!  To combine a craft activity with a party favor, try this Monkey Mask Kit.  The kit can be made before cake and ice cream and can dry while the little monkeys are enjoying their snack.

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Need some help planning your Mod Monkey party?  Here are a few tips to get you started.


Activities need not be difficult. Have them wear some Mod Monkey t-shirts and place some safari animal stickers or pictures around a predetermined room. You really don’t want a bunch of two-year olds wandering through your house unsupervised – you don’t know what kind of monkey business they might get into!

Then, tell them they are going on a safari hunt and show them a picture of the animal they need to find (the ones that you so cleverly arranged hours before) that are hiding in the room. Once they find all of the animals, ask them the sound that the animals make. It’s simple, fun, and an age appropriate game.

Thank you’s

Thanking your guests for coming is easy too, when you use the adorable Mod Monkey Thank You Notes. Save yourself some time and instead of signing your child’s name have him sign the card with his own, unique handprint. It will make him part of the process, that  he’ll just love.

Looking for more fun ideas around the Mod Monkey Party Theme or party supply ideas?  Make sure to search below for more mod monkey party supplies!