Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Purse Craft

Minnie Mouse likes her accessories – she is, after all, a girly, girl mouse.  Why not make a simple, but fun craft for the girls. Use this pocketbook template to make cute polka dot pocketbooks for the girls to use when hunting for Minnie’s bows.

The instructions are really easy and it’s certainly an age appropriate activity for the little ones.

Get Adobe PDF ReaderDownload the Party Purse Craft Template


  • Print out the template for as many guests as you’re having.
  • If the girls are old enough to handle children’s scissors have them cut them out, otherwise cut out the purses ahead of time.
  • Fold along the big dotted line. Just tape the outer pocketbook edges together.
  • Fold the top (purple with star) along the dotted line and use it as a closure for the purse.
  • Punch two holes through both layers along the outer top edges.
  • To add a handle attach some string or ribbon.

Do you have a fun party craft or activity to share?  We’d love to hear from you!