One of the first rites of passage for an apprentice of the Force is to make a unique lightsaber. We’re sure Vader would have taken from this idea, and prepared the younglings by mocking this process as an exciting birthday party activity.

Make Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber from Pool Noodles & Tape:

Directions found at Muddybootsblog

star wars lightsaberWe scoured the web looking for the best Star Wars lightsaber crafting idea. To be perfectly honest, what we had in mind was going to be a lot less functional. We were thinking more along the lines of saving paper towel or wrapping paper rolls and adding paint and tape to them After this activity, a combat training activity for little ones (with parental supervision of course) would be safe. This is also a craft that would double as a party favors for everyone.


Enough pool noodles for each guest (one noodle makes 2 Star Wars lightsabers)



Duct Tape

Electrical Tape

Foil Tape


Step 1: Measure one pool noodle and mark the middle.
In this case, I already had one lightsaber completed, so I used it as a guide. This is not a science. It does not need to be exact. Hopefully no one will be comparing length… they’re little kids after all. Using a sharpie or similar works well. The end will be covered by tape when all is said and done.

Step 2: Cut.
Use a serrated knife to cut the pool noodles in half. The cut surprising easily. Like buttah.

Step 3: Admire your work.

Step 4: Assemble your supplies.
In additions to you pool noodles, you will need: duct tape (silver, grey or both), black electricians tape, scissors.

Step 5: The end.

Cover the end of the of the pool noodle first. They are a bit of an awkward size in that one piece will not cover the end completely, and doing a simple ‘x’ will leave little corners exposed. We found this to be the most effective way to cover the end of your lightsaber ‘hilt’.

Step 6: Cover your hilt.

Using the duct tape and electrical tape, wrap the bottom eight or so inches of the pool noodle to form the base of your hilt. You can chose to use all black, all grey, all silver, or a combination of all three.

Step 7: Spend hours and hours and hours detailing the hilts.

Cut lines and pieces, impossibly tiny square and thin strips of your various tapes in order to create the lightsaber hilt detail. Stay up until midnight several nights in a row in order to complete a dozen unique, one-of-a-kind pool noodle lightsaber. Copy and paste the link in the image caption to see the original post. If you aren’t into crafting with large groups of kids, you can purchase star wars lightsaber party favors for a similar effect.

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