birthday party thank you notes

Thank You Notes Start a New Birthday Tradition

Kids thank you notes come in all sizes & shapes. It’s never to early to teach your children how to say “Thanks”.  This year, start  a new family tradition of writing kids thank you notes as a fun, party tradition  for after each birthday celebration. The can draw a picture, sign their name or just lick the envelope of the thank you notes. The goal is quality time together, mixed with learning social skills.

Help Your Children Learn MannersYou planned the party, purchased the birthday party supplies, had a wonderful time, but there’s one thing left to do:  Write thank you notes! It’s never too early to teach your children to have good manners and to be thankful for other people’s generosity. Learning to be appreciative is an important trait to learn, especially in today’s world.  But, thank you cards are not just for birthday gifts or holiday gifts. Have your child send out a thank you card to a friend or relative that took the time to create a memorable event, like a sleepover or including them in a vacation.  Maybe Grandma took them for a special day or  baked their birthday cake!

Start by writing your child a thank you card for doing something special at home. Then ask them how they felt when they received the card. “Good, right?” Explain to them the person that receives their card is going to feel the same way.

Next, have them be part of the process. Allow them to pick their own cards. Many of the kid’s party stores have matching thank you cards for Birthday Theme Thank You Notesbirthday party themes and it’s a good idea to buy them when you buy your other birthday party supplies.  Many of the smaller specialty sites have childrens’ thank you cards and notes, too.  You could also buy some great paper and print out a card and then just have your little ones sign their name or even just add a scribble. There are lots of kid-friendly designs sure to get their attention. Some are designed especially for children with large lines to make printing easy.

Here are some suggestions on writing thank you cards that are fun and enjoyable:

  • Purchase colorful markers, pens, stickers, and rubber stamps. Have them sign the card with a thumbprint or handprint.
  • Take a picture at the party (the one at the left is my grandaughter) and copy the picture onto a personal thank you note!
  • Don’t turn it into a “chore.” Set up a table where they can write while watching television.
  • Help them out. It’s not always easy to write thank you cards.
  • Have a couple of standard sentences prepared that they can use and then have them personalize it some way.
  • If there are a lot to do at once – spread it out over the course of the week.
  • Let them pick out the stamps and have some return address labels prepared in their name.
  • You can also have your child draw a picture to use as a thank you card. After the picture is drawn scan it or take a picture of it and make copies. If your child is old enough to write his own name. Be sure they do!

The bottom line, teaching kids manners and the value of a writing a Thank You Notes is a fun way to spend some valuable playtime with your child! Enjoy!