Birthday Party Candy Birthday Party Candy for Kid’s Parties

If you are adding some candy to your kid’s party favor bags, you’ll want to check out the fun ideas below.  You’ll love some of the novelty candies, old time favorite candies, bubble gum, novelty necklaces and anything else you can think of.  Drop a few pieces into your party favor bags, boxes and containers as part of your child’s “thank you for coming” gift to his birthday party guests.

Buying bulk  party birthday candy is definitely cheaper. You’ll love the old favorites like  Tootsie Roll juniors, snack bars, flavor rolls, Tootsie pops found in the 4 pound candy mix pictured here.  Or try an assortment of 175 pieces of fun candy like Smarties, Sweet Tarts, Double Bubble Jawbreakers, Atomic Fireballs, and  Double Bubble Pops. Stores like The Old Time Candy Company also feature candy bags and jars.

Looking for a particular candy? Try entering a phrase like “candy buttons” or “crayon candy” into the search box below!