Kids Hawaiian Luau TableKids Hawaiian Luau Birthday Themes are a Favorite for All Ages!

Moms and Dads Love a Luau, so do little girls! A kids Hawaiian luau is a great girl’s birthday party choice for ages two through the tweens. We’ve got lots of Luau Birthday Party ideas including dressing up your guests in leis & grass skirts, and order some sea shell art for a party she’ll always remember.

And because it’s so popular there are tons and tons of kids Hawaiian luau party supplies to choose and create from. The problem isn’t coming up with ideas, but choosing which ones you want to use. That is why we have only brought you the best of the best, and you don’t have to sort through the rest.

Remember – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Hawaiian LuauInvite about 10-12 girls to your tropical party. Consider buying your kids Hawaiian luau supplies in a convenient party pack or party box. These kits save you money and have everything you need to start your party planning. You can add a few extras (or even solid colors) of whatever you need.
No luau is complete without leis. You can make grass skirts  yourself.  To make the skirts, cut the plastic tablecloths into pieces that will fit the girls’ waists and come up to about mid-calf. Cut the plastic into strips lengthwise to resemble grass. Use some wide double stick tape and use enough to fasten around their waists. Then attach around their waists and place cut up tablecloths onto the tape and you have an instant hula skirt.

Luau Birthday Party Food and Drinks

You can keep things as simple as you want. Cook some hotdogs on the grill and serve chips, and home-made or store bought salads right in some new clean sand pails. The shovels make great serving spoons. Lay out trays of tropical fruit, pineapple, mango, and bananas. How about renting a slushie machine or make your own tropical slushes? Just get your blender ready, have lots of ice on hand, and pureed fruit and fruit juice. Wouldn’t they look adorable in these great tropical tiki cups or coconuts to serve “Island Style” and adorn with some umbrellas.

Luau Party Crafts

If you are looking for the latest in kids Hawaiian luau activities, you could get creative with edible sand crafts using pixie stix – you’ll be the talk of the town!

Kids Hawaiian Luau Party Activities

Have the girls put on their new flip flops, grass skirts, and leis. Get out the video and practice how to dance an authentic hula dance. Let’s them be as silly as they want and make sure to take lots of pictures. Get ready for lots of giggles and get your camera ready. You don’t want to miss the girls hamming it up.

Simple, Island Style games are the perfect choice. Take a twist on hot potato and play “pass the coconut” – simple and easy. Arrange the kids in a circle. Pass around the coconut (same as hot potato game) and when the music stops, that person steps out of the circle. Continue with the game until there’s a winner. Cut up the coconut and have some fresh, yummy coconut. Have some relaxing Island Music playing in the background to get everybody in the mood to play a little limbo.

BPK HintBPK Tip: Don’t forget the fruit! My daughter loves pineapple and mango. When I want to please her, I just chop it up and serve it to her in a nice tray. It’s simple and always a fantastic treat, especially at a kids Hawaiian luau!