Glamorous Hollywood Party Ideas for Teen and Adults

Hollywood Party SUppliesRoll Out the Red Carpet for a great Tween, Teen or Adult Party!  With all the blockbuster movies , why not host a Hollywood party for the Oscars? This is a great party theme for movie buffs who have probably seen or heard of all the latest movies and would love to walk the red carpet with their favorite superstars. To set the tone, invite your guests to dust off and wear their  elegant party gowns and tuxedos; everyone likes to play dress up.

For a great party activity, team your guests  up and give each an index card with a scene from a  movie and have them act them out.  The winners can receive a trophy. Decorate your room with movie posters or order a few sets of various paper plates and paste two back to back and hang them from the and are racy  This will also work as a simple centerpiece.

When the last Oscar is handed out and your Oscar Party is winding down, Hollywood party favors will end your party with the perfect touch.  Take a look at what’s available!  Oh, and don’t forget the movie theater popcorn and candy!