Clearance – Circus Birthday Parties Are Great Fun!

Kid’s will love all the wonderful Clearance circus party supplies available for their circus birthday party!

Here Comes the Circus! Clowns, jugglers, flying trapeze artists and the Big Top! Invite friends to the Greatest Show on Earth with your little one as Ring Master!  Bring all the fun to your child’s birthday with a party theme.

Line the driveway with balloons and a personalized banner announcing the party. As a special touch, have a clown welcome the guests and hand each a red clown nose and a circus hat to wear.  What a great way to get everyone in the mood for the circus!

Create a circus tent in your house using colorful nylon fabric hanging from the ceiling or use a canopy with side walls for an outside party. Dress it up with a homemade sign or circus banner and lots of balloons and paper streamers!

Enlist a few adults to be your circus performers. You’ll need, clowns, jugglers, lion tamers (and lions), and of course a bearded lady.  Set up a number of folding chairs under your tent and let the show begin!

You’ll also love the fun circus party favors and candy available for your party loot bags.  Fill these bright canvas  backpacks  with toys and candy for a very special party take home favor and thank you gift.  Grab some fabric paint pens and add a name to each. Follow our easy instructions.

Do you know an outgoing teen or college student or a facepainter?  Have them dress up and visit the party.  Check out the fun clown costumes and accessories at our sister site, HalloweenKidz. Caution: some children are very afraid of clowns, so prepare to whisk them away with a smile if you see the littlest sign of panic!


Enjoy browsing through all the circus themed party supplies we have to help you make the party the Greatest Show on Earth.

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