soccer themed birthday partySoccer Themed Birthday Party!  Your Child Will Love Posing As A Soccer Player

My granddaughter and I loved creating a themed birthday party together for her last birthday celebration. To let your child star at his own soccer birthday party. Snap a picture with this Soccer Photo Op and your child! Each cardboard Soccer Photo Prop measures 3 feet 1 inch X 25 inches and printed on one side only. Use this photo to create your own personalized soccer themed birthday party invitation and then take a picture of each of your guests when they are ready to leave your birthday party!  Then send your guest’s off with a smile and allow you to create a personalized Thank you note.

How To Create A Soccer Themed Birthday Party Invitation

To create a personalized soccer themed birthday party invitation for your party,  follow these easy steps:

  1. Start out with a package of a heavy weight card stock or paper.
  2. Place your image and set your type depending on the size and position of your photo. We are showing a 200 x 300 image, so we set our margins at 2.5 inches on the left. Experiment to get the best layout.
  3. Next, set your bottom margin at 4.5, so that you can put two invitations on a page, if you are printing and mailing them. If you are emailing them, make the invitation any size.  That’s it! Be sure to print a few samples on regular paper to make sure the kid’s soccer invitation is the way you want it.
  4. Before printing or emailing your  birthday party invitation,  double check that all your information is correct and print.
  5. When you finish, let the ink dry a little and then send them on their way view email, snail mail or personal delivery.

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You’ll be the best “Soccer Mom” on the block! Take a bow Mom.