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Little Girl Monkey, Little Monkey Party Supplies

Monkey party supplies like this Little Girl Monkey Theme, available from birthday in a Box, bring out the cuteness in any little girl. Create a whimsical birthday party for your child using  great pink coordinating tableware. But that’s just the beginning! These little monkeys get around, and you’ll find they’ve inspired all sorts of great monkey birthday party supplies and favors. You can choose from a wide assortment of birthday party personalized invitations and birthday favors. What little girl or boy doesn’t love to see their name prominently featured on their birthday?

You can use  monkey party supplies, and still allow your own creativity to go to work through the complimentary colors and accessories you choose. These coordinating cupcake wrappers just perfect for keeping to your theme while adding yoMonkey Cupcake Standur own delicious cake mix and decorations! You’ll also love his handy Cupcake Stand. Your little works of art will be tastefully displayed, and the stand itself makes a great centerpiece.

Don’t forget that it’s really easy to make your theme pop by adding lots of solid color balloons in a variety of colors to complement your theme with coordinated solid party ware and streamers!

Another fun DIY idea for an activity is a twist on an old favorite that we like to call ‘Pin the Tail on the Monkey’. Find a cartoon image of a monkey that will work for the game. Have your local print shop blow it up and make two copies. Cut the tail out of one image, and with a little creative planning you have a great age-appropriate activity!

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pink starBPK TIP: Check out the Little Monkey Baby Shower version of this party theme. It is available for boy, girl, and neutral showers and is very cuddly. The baby shower version of these monkey party supplies has wonderful favors, decorations, and more.