Preteen Birthday Party

Preteen young ladies ages 6-13.will love this party! In fact, it’s been tested by one of our Birthday Party Kidz and she loved it!  If you’re planning use they Glitzy Girls papergoods  for a makeover  party, a sleep over or any other party where  tween girls (tween) just have fun!

Here are a couple suggestions for making this party a hit!

  • Dig  out your old purses,  jewelry and clothes and have each girl dress up like a model and pose  with a cardboard photo cutoutfor a very special “Photo Shoot”. Use the “Photo” to send as a thank you note or, if you’re really quick, as party of the party favor!
  • Have the girls choose partners (0ne is the designer, one the model) and give each team  a couple of rolls of crepe paper streamers and some tape to design one of the girl’s clothes with ordinary crepe paper  streamers. Then  have the girls with new dresses set up a fake red carpet and introduce their designers to the judges. There are no losers here,  everyone gets an award!  How about a bottle of nail polish or a beauty kit?

After the beauty pageant,  put on some old fashioned rock ‘n roll and let the dancing begin. Later, serve dinner or a snack.  If it’s a sleepover, you might need a good movie or another activity for later in the evening.  How about a combined craft and party favor like decorating a sports bag, tote bag or pillowcase to take home?  Craft stores  and novelty stores have tons of ideas for girls this age.  We found incredibly inexpensive canvas tote bags that would be perfect for teen girls to decorate.  Don’t forget to order some fabric paint pens and adhesive back craft jewels to keep the girls busy on their project.  Before bedtime, have each girl hang her bag on a makeshift clothesline and let dry.  In the morning they’ll have a perfect place to stash their belongings and take home from this perfectly Glitzy Girl party!

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