First Birthday Party SuppliesHere’s How to Plan a Perfect 1st Birthday Party

It’s hard to image that it is time for a first birthday party! Where did the year go? The most important parts of any party are the first birthday party theme, invitations, decorations, good, games and activities,  and favors. Below is a list of steps to follow to plan your child’s’ very specials 1st Birthday Party.

First birthday parties are typically a time for family and friends to get together and see how your baby has grown during his first year. Many moms make this a special party to thank everyone for their love and support during your baby’s transition from baby to toddler.

Want to really “Wow” the group? Follow these steps to throw a 1st birthday party that is simply unforgettable!


With so many special first birthday party themes available, you may have trouble choosing one!  Your theme sets the tone for the party and today’s first birthday party patterns are coordinated with just about any accessory you can image you can imagine from party hats to magic wands.

Here’s a money saving tip: Order solid papergoods for the adults at the party.  They are considerably less expensive and usually are sold in larger packages.


You can easily create your own invitations with pictures you’ve taken over the course of your baby’s first year. Upload your photos to the Kodak Photo Gallery where they’ll talk you through every step of the way to create your perfect invitation. If designing your own artwork, isn’t your thing, not to worry!  There are so many fun, original , and personalized invitations for your baby’s first party to choose from.


The right decorations turn a good party into a truly, memorable one. Great decorations create a festive atmosphere and are sure to get your guests into the “party mood.” Watch your little girl’s eyes light up when she sees the incredible 45″full color Princess Standees. If she hasn’t walked yet, this will make your  little girl to make her stand up and take notice. Just make sure to have your camera ready to catch the delight in her eyes. The photos are fun to include in your thank you cards.

Little boys might enjoy  Lightning McQueen or a favorite Disney character. After the party, you can put the standee in your child’s nursery or playroom for a cute accent piece.

A Cowboy theme is great.  Add a photo shoot for your guests with a bale of hay in front. Make sure to take pictures of your guests! Put them in some western style photo frames and you have a personal and memorable party favor. When planning a party it’s helpful when an item can serve multiple functions and purposes. For just forty dollars or so the photo shoot cutouts serve as a decoration, an activity, and a party favor.  Consider a cowboy hat or bandana as a favor.

Tip Be sure to place a step stool behind the photo cut out for the younger (or shorter) kid’s and have someone available to help behind the scenes!

Games and Activities

No party is complete without a great assortment of games planned. A baby’s first birthday will certainly include your adult family and friends, so make sure that you plan some fun adult activities for them.  We love anything that has to do with music and wiggling, so grab a CD and start them giggling!


The food that you serve at your party should match your theme. If you are having a Cowboy/Cowgirl party include red and white checked tablecloths, with picnic or barbecue fare served in baskets lined with red or blue bandannas. Do you have a little princess that you’d like to honor, then perhaps some simple sandwiches, tea, and yummy desserts arranged on some tiered platters would be appropriate.  Be sure to check with the moms and dads for any food allergies.

If you are also serving adults, we recommend a platter of fruit and something simple.


When it comes to favors for little ones, we’re all very cautious. Be sure that the manufacturer warrants the favor for children 3 and under.  Watch for anything with little pieces or long strings. Usually the best gifts are individual cups, toys, or accessories.  We gathered an entire list of first birthday favors here.

A Few More Tips:

Try to keep the party short and simple. Remember this is a day meant for Mom, Dad, and baby to celebrate the coming together of a family. You don’t want to overdo it and up with an over stimulated and possibly cranky one-year old. Try to schedule the party around your baby’s nap times and if possible, keep it to about 2 hours. But most of all remember to stay flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff. This way you will be sure to enjoy this special day with your child, family, and friends.