Whooo’s Birthday is it? | Throw a Punny Party With these First Birthday Owl Theme Supplies

First Birthday Owl ThemeThis first birthday owl theme tableware is such a popular theme, that there are three versions. Choose the one you love most! Whoo’s turning 1? The Look Whoo’s Turning One birthday party theme, available from one of our favorite sites (Big Dot of Happiness), is . This first birthday owl theme is available for both one year old boys and girls and has a myriad of matching party supplies.

Owls are very popular with the little ones, and you’ll love the wonderful ‘Look Whoo’s Turning One’ party favors that are available within this theme. You’ll love the wonderful extras that are available as much as we do.  You’ll find party banners, cupcake wrappers, and more. 

“…a super fun choice for first birthday themes.”

Here’s the Plan:

  1. Start out with a special party invitation. Be sure to send it at least six weeks in advance. The Look Whooo’s party theme has a personalized invitation you’ll love!
  2. Greet your guests with a Happy Birthday Banner at the entrance way. This is especially important if you are having your party at a facility where there are other parties.
  3. Be sure to “kid-proof” the party area. As you know, toddlers can get into anything. especially in strange places.
  4. Serve “kid friendly” food and food that adults would like, too.
  5. Save money by using solid colored paper plates for the adults at the party. Solids are cheaper and come in larger sizes. For the Look Whoo’s theme, mix the theme paper goods with rich browns for a very classy look.
  6. Fill the room with wonderful, colorful decorations, including a personalized Happy Birthday Banner.
  7. Consider one substantial goodie bag gift, instead of small toys and candy. We have some more great party favor ideas here on our site.

“Now it’s time to party!”

First Birthday! It’s time for the 1st birthday party a magical few hours where you can celebrate your baby’s first year by inviting friends and family to a 1st birthday party. It seems like your baby was born yesterday! The first year of your baby’s life has been so  full of excitement. Think of all the “firsts”! First smile, first giggle, first tooth, first full night of sleep (we like this one best!), first crawl, first fall, and the magical first “Mama”. Now it’s time to party!  Order your first birthday owl theme supplies now and get the party started!