You Won’t Believe These Elegant Plastic Plates !

With the Jewish Holidays approaching, daughter #2 taught me the new way to celebrate using elegant plastic plates instead of my good china.  Okay, I admit it, this is not my Mother’s Oldsmobile, but it sure makes serving twenty-one family members a whole lot easier.  My wonderful mother-in-law’s table would have looked just as good, honestly!

If you are anything like me, you want to enjoy the after dinner festivities of every holiday; not spend them in the kitchen.  That’s why elegant plastic plateswhen I first saw these elegant, plastic  silver banded plates supplies at a dinner party, I went crazy!  I had to pick them up and feel them to believe that these elegant Plastic Plates looked like fine china, but surprisingly are plastic. These elegant holiday party supplies get you out of the kitchen and let you enjoy the celebration. There is also matching  silver cutlery that is as close to silver as the plates are china.  Two wonderful, silver banded plates and cutlerytime-saving products.
Each of these silver banded plates measure about 10 inches in diameter and sold in packages of twelve. Use these Silver Banded Dinner Plates in lieu of china for a wedding reception, anniversary party or any special get together that you want to look fancy without the worry and hassle of cleaning up. These plates are not dishwasher and microwave safe but intended for a one time use.
A few other the secrets for using Elegant Plastic Plates: For dessert, select a solid color plate to match your party theme or a plate to match  your celebration. Combine silver banded plates and plastic ware with a  brightly colored or dramatic black fabric tablecloth and napkins.  Set your dinner up as a buffet placing the silverware on the table, but the plates stacked on the buffet.  As each guest picks up a plate, listen for the exclamations of surprise and give your self a pat on the back.  You’ve combined elegance with party savvy and you are going to enjoy spending the evening with your guests, not in the kitchen.