How to Make Thumbprint Snowmen DIY Christmas Ornaments

There are tons of DIY Christmas ornaments that kids can help with. We think this holiday thumbprint snowman is the best we could find.

DIY Christmas Ornaments


  • Polymer clay (white, black, orange, and other colors for embellishments)
  • Cute little thumbs (or just plain thumbs if that’s all you have)
  • String, twine, or ribbon
  • Optional: jewelry wire


  1. Start by rolling three even balls of white clay. I used plain white but a shimmery white would also be beautiful.
  2. Stack the three balls closely together. Now help your kids press their thumbs evenly into each of the three balls. Polymer clay is a little dense to work with, so they probably will need help. Make sure they wash their hands right away after touching the clay.
  3. Add decorations. I thought about adding arms and a hat, but stuck with just the basics. To Make the scarf, I rolled out a long piece of clay. Then I slightly flattened it and wrapped it around the snowman’s neck.
  4. Optional – Use jewelry wire to make a loop. Stick this into the top of your snowman before you bake it. If you’re not familiar with jewelry making tools at all, you can just glue ribbon to the back of the ornament after it is baked.
  5. Bake the ornaments. Follow the instructions on the brand of polymer clay you used. The size and color of the ornament will not change after you bake it.
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We originally shared these fun DIY yule ornaments on Birthday Party Kids in the Child’s Holiday Birthday Party Guide.

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