Plan an Adventure with Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies


Little triceratops and party goers of all ages will rumble with joy when they see these dinosaur birthday party supplies, dinosaur party favors, and personalized accessories.

Let all the your child’s birthday guest know about the party by sending an awesome personalized invitation. Each Dinosaur Adventure Personalized Invitations measures 5″ x 7″ and comes with an envelopes (and colorful dinosaur images)! Be sure to also order the matching thank you notes!  The invitation is just the beginning of what’s available with this dinosaur birthday party theme.

Now it’s time to start planning the party and your Dinosaur Adventure. These dinosaur party supplies are so great, you’ll have trouble deciding which ones to choose.  There are so many fun dinosaur party games!  Of course, the most important is finding the dinosaurs  Whether you are looking for little tyrannosaurs, triceratops, Brachiosaurus or velociraptor a treasure hunt through the swamp is always a cool adventure!  If your party is being held in good weather, a dinosaur hunt through the park is always and adventure; especially if someone’s already been there to hide lots of large plastic dinosaur figures of the most popular dinosaur species. Inside, you can do the same, but you’ll have to be a little more creative!  No problem if you include a few inflatable dinos, some dinosaur birthday party supplies like mylar balloons and a few dino wall decorations.  Be sure to give each dino hunter a bag to collect his loot and put their names on each bag.

After the hunt, collect the bags add a few pieces of dino candy or small toys and you have an instant goodie bag! We especially love the Dino-sized  gummy candy. Sold individually, each large gummy comes in a variety of dinosaur shapes (t-rex, triceratops, pterodactyl, and brontosaurus) and colors. It’s big enough to satisfy even the hungriest dinosaur! Rawrrr!

Many of these dinosaur birthday party supplies, like the placemat featured on the right, can be personalized. It’s a great add-in for any loot bag. Just roll it up and it will fit into a small bag!