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Grab your special birthday party kid and start creating some using creative ideas and cupcake baking supplies. It’s so easy and even the youngest child can participate in creating this fun dessert for his birthday party. Decorative and solid color baking cups create a custom look to homemade cupcakes. Use them to bake your cupcakes in, or to accentuate store bought cupcakes.  Cupcake wrappers quickly dress up cupcakes with the addition of a decorative paper sleeve that covers that baking cup of the cupcake. You can use them with home made or store bought cupcakes – simple set the cupcake in the designer wrap and you’re done!

Cupcake baking supplies like  toppers include cupcake picks and lay-ons. Simply bake your cupcakes, frost them and top with a cupcake topper – it’s as easy as that! Alway have Sprinkles & Quins your available with your cupcake baking. Add just the right pizzazz to your cupcakes, cakes and cookie decorations. Sprinkle them on the top or roll frosted cupcakes in the decorations to create an exciting design. We carry a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Cupcake decorating sets create a complete cupcake look including cupcake picks and matching paper baking cups. Each set is gorgeously designed to create a very custom look. You can even use them with store bought cupcakes – simple set the cupcake in the designer baking cup and top with a cupcake pick! Giving desserts as a gift or party favor is a great way to send goodies home with your guests and the best way to do this is with decorative packaging for your desserts. We carry a wide variety of dessert boxes, bags and other unique packaging supplies for cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Your party desserts are one of the most exciting elements of your party and rightly so they should be displayed beautifully on cake and cupcake stands for your guests. Using stands also creates dimension to your dessert display that makes it more interesting to look at.