Western Cowgirl and Cowboy Party Games for Kids

cowboy partySaddle Up
Purchase a bale of hay or two and set the borrowed saddle on top of it or toward the side. If you don’t have a saddle to borrow try using a big horse balloon instead. Have the kids pose for a picture and include it in your thank you cards.  Make sure to have some fun cowboy and cowgirl hats available for the kids to wear in the picture.

Wild West Wanted Posters
Get pictures of the guests and create your own wanted poster and hang them around as decoration. If it’s a family party get as creative and silly as you want with the posters because your guests will certainly enjoy it.

Western Music
Put on some foot-stomping cowboy and western music to help set the mood. Music also works great for freeze dance, line dancing, square dancing, and musical chairs.

cowboy bannerPersonalized Banners
There are lots of great ways to make a birthday cowboy party personal and a Western Happy Birthday Banner is a great choice for adding that special touch.

If you are having lots of adults and older kids, here are some great activities:

Make Your Own Cowboy Vest Craft
This is both a craft and activity that should keep your little cowhands busy. Have enough large grocery store brown bags ready for each child. Before the party, have the vests cut out and ready to go.


  1. A paper grocery bag has three parts : flap, sides, and the top edge (the opening).
  2. Place the unfolded bag on a flat surface, bottom folded flap facing up.  Put  the top edge nearest you and mark the middle (about 6 inches).
  3. On the closed flap, draw a 4 inch circle in the center for the neck opening.
  4. Open the paper bag completely. Find your mark along the top and cut a straight line from the edge up to your circle and then cut out the circle.
  5. On the sides of the paper bag at about 2 inches down , cut an oval on each side (about 6 inches in diameter) for the arm openings.
  6. Fringe the bottom
  7. Have the kids decorate any way they’d like with stickers, crayons, markers, etc.

Tug of War
So simple, yet everybody loves a good tug of war game – so lasso away!

Hunt for Gold
If the weather permits, simply fill a small wading pool up with water and have some sifting pans ready for gold prospecting. Put some play sand in the bottom. Simply buy or collect rocks and paint some yellow or use liquid gold paint for the gold nuggets. Have the children roll up their pants and wade and seine for gold.

So simple – but lots of fun to make your cowboy party unique!

Hay Scavenger Hunt
Hide coins, small toys, etc. in a pile of hay. Have the kids search through until they find their prizes.

Square Dancing
Prepare or buy a CD of country music and teach the kids how to square dance or line dance.

Whatever you plan for your western cowboy party, we know you’ll love choosing from these western party supplies, games for kids, adults and western events. Try something like “cowboy games”to see what is available and narrow your search.