cinderellaGet the Deluxe Cinderella Birthday Party Pack & Make Hosting Easy on Yourself

disney's cinderellaMost little girls want to grow up and find their handsome prince. Making believe they’re at the ball, little princesses can act out this fantasy at their next birthday parties. Get the Deluxe Cinderella Birthday Packand make this year’s festivities go off without a hitch.

(Just make sure you get everyone home before midnight.)

Customize the Cinderella birthday party supplies in the pack to the number of people at the party, how elaborate you want your decorations, and what type of favors you want to give (or not give)?

Make sure you pick up a pair of “glass slippers” and let her keep one, until, at the end of the party, you find the guest of honor  (who the shoe fits). Return her dainty little shoe, and make sure she knows that her prince is looking for her!

Create a Custom Disneys Cinderella Birthday Party Invitation and Thank You Note

Invite a princess to your next party by using this lifesize Disneys Cinderella Standup to create a custom invitation and thank-you note. This wonderful prop also acts as a welcoming decoration for your child’s party and is easy to assemble, stands 5’1 and is made of sturdy cardboard.

Here’s how to create your DIY invites and thank you’s:

  1. Order your standup.
  2. Take a picture of your princess standing next to the standup, as shown above. Use the photo to begin your invitation
  3. As the party ends and you are handing out the party favors, take a photo of each of the party guests. to send with your thank-you notes. Create the note by inserting each picture with your online thank you notes or print them and send via snail mail.
  4. Need some ideas for the wording? Check out these ideas.
  5. Pat yourself on the pack for being an awesome Mom!

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