cardboard stand-upBuy a Lifesize Cardboard Stand-up Cutout to Add to Your Birthday Party Decor!

Cardboard Stand-Up and Stand-up Decorations – Perfect for big parties, prom, homecoming, fundraisers and company events. A cardboard stand-up can create the atmosphere for your birthday,  holiday party, birthday party or theme party.

birthday balloonsHere’s a great tip: stand-up party decorations are perfect for creating personalized invitations for your child’s birthday party.  Just take a picture of them next to their favorite themed character and invite their friends!  Later, use the stand-up decoration to create a personalized thank you note.

If you like this Batman Life Size Standee, you’ll want to  decorate your party, or event with a cardboard cut out. Each lifesize “standee” is made of heavy duty cardboard and measures  51.5″ tall and 41″ wide.

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