Sweet Bee Party Supplies


If your little bee loves buzzing around, she’ll love these Sweet Bee bumble bee party supplies!  Little girls can be sweet as honey or feisty as a Queen Bee, but when it comes to a birthday party, they’ll all love this contemporary bumble bee party theme complete with matching personalized invitations, personalized thank  you notes, personalized party favors, and decorations.  The bright yellow color and black accents makes this a winner for little girls of all ages.

Crafts and Activities

To add to your Sweet Bee party supplies, you may want to buy or make a simple bee costume or bee headbands.  These child-sized bee bopper headbands are decorated with yellow marabou, and two bopping bumble bees. Each bee is crafted out of felt, gold sequins, pipe cleaners and pom poms. Dress up your party guests and watch them take flight! If you’re crafty, pre-cut some bumble wings and have the girls decorated them with markers, glitter and stickers and attach a piece  elastic between the wings and slip them over each girl’s head.   Is your little girl into music and imagination? How about gathering some bee-utiful song of flight and letting the kids fly around the room with their wonderful imagination.  Looking for more costume and accessory ideas? Be sure to check out the children’s costume section of our sister site, HalloweeenKidz.com for the latest and most complete costume ideas!

If you are looking for some great food ideas to feed your little bees, fly on over to this recipe and template for a bumble bee cake.

Have a great party!