boys first birthday ideas

Your little boy is turning one! You’ll want to celebrate that milestone with a special day so here are some Boys first birthday ideas to help you on your way. He’s not quite old enough to help plan his party, but your little boy probably has already let you know what he recognizes and likes and dislikes.  A first birthday is such fun and today’s party goods are designed to help you light up your little one’s imagination and his eyes.

First, be sure to schedule your party around nap times, and keep it short, 1 to 1 ½ hours is probably about all the time a little one can handle while maintaining his sweet disposition. Invite special friends, family, a few birthday party kids (1 to 3 is a good idea at this age), and if possible, include someone who is willing to help out while you care for the birthday boy or any unexpected accidents.

Celebrate With  These Boys First Birthday Ideas

The hottest trend in birthday party themes is to have a personalized party theme. These personalized birthday party supplies are available for over eighty of your son’s favorites and they are easy to create online and don’t cost much more than regular partygoods.

Children seem to have a natural affinity to animals so another idea for your little boy’s party is the fun barnyard party theme featuring a few of your child’s most popular farmyard friends.

All Aboard 1st BirthdayWhat little man  doesn’t like to drive around with their Dad in his big truck? An All Aboard 1st birthday party is great party theme for your boys first birthday, with cars, trucks, and buses. We have the perfect party supplies for your little one and all the birthday kids on his guest list.

If modes of transportation is his thing we also have the Fun New Theme for Boys called On The Go.  This new boys  theme features planes, trains, boats, and cars.  Everything a little boy dreams of! It includes plates, cups, napkins, and even forks, knives, and spoons for 8 people. Party packs really save money and they are so much easier to order.  We love the colors in this boys theme.

Here are some of our favorite Boys First Birthday Party themes below for your boys first birthday.  Make sure to check out the party packs, they include everything you need to plan your little boy’s first birthday party with ease.

Have a great 1st birthday party idea? Please tell us about it!