Birthday Party Piñatas – End Your Party in Style

Birthday Party PinatasYour child’s birthday party isn’t over until you’ve given everyone a chance to break the pinata! With so many themes to choose from, buying birthday party pinatas has never been easier.

Fill your birthday party pinata with over 90 assorted goodies galore: miniature maracas, yo-yos, kaleidoscope spy glasses, triple-horn whistles, and a whole pound of bubblegum, lollipops, SweetTarts, Smarties,Now and Later candy and more. Ages 3+. 2 birthday party pinatasLbs. Pinata Filler.

Piñatas have been used all around the world for hundreds of years to celebrate special occasions, mainly kid birthday parties. Although breaking a pinata at children’s birthdays is very much a tradition among Hispanics, this fun kid party game has spread throughout the entire United States.The tradition of breaking a piñata originated in Europe in ancient times. It was a simple painted clay pot decorated with colorful paper and filled with candy and coins. Today’s birthday party piñatas are made of paper mache.

The traditional Mexican star-shaped piñata was part of early Christmas Mexican celebrations representing the Star of Bethlehem that guided worshippers to baby Jesus.

Today birthday piñatas have come to replace the game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” as kids favorite party game. Nowadays it is even used as a party decoration and also  makes a great centerpiece! Birthday party pinatas with pull strings are a gentler version of this popular party activity, that allows toddlers to enjoy the game as much as older kids do.

Select one of our pull-string and regular pinatas and some filler, then choose complimentary favor bags for your guests to fill with their pinata prizes. To cut down on the chaos, go ahead the put the candy in favor bags, tie them and each kid just gets a favor bag. Easier, but not as fun for the kids.

If you have never used a pull-string pinata, they are perfect for younger kids. No more blind-folded stick waving (surely a mom didn’t invent the first pinata!) – kids take turn pulling the strings to see which one is they key to the goodies! Learn how to make a pull string birthday party pinata. It is really easy.

Birthday Party Pinatas are a great way to end any party!

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