Panda Bear Shaker and Mask Craft

Our Very Own Birthday Craft!

Here’s a great idea for a fun arts and craft project and birthday party activity. Try this Panda Party Craft. To test the project  idea out, I visited my son’s classroom and helped make the Panda Bear noisemakers with the class.  The results were wonderful and we all had a great time. (Check out the rest of the pictures at the bottom of the instructions.)

With the popularity of Kung Fu Panda, these adorable and easy to make Panda Bear noise makers will be the perfect craft choice for your child’s panda bear or animal-themed birthday party.When the kids are done making their shakers have them form a line and have a Panda Parade, complete with music shakers.

Make a Panda Party Craft: Bear Shaker and Mask

What You’ll Need:

Note: The following quantities will yield 8 panda bear shakers

  • 16 white paper platespandamaskonly
  • Stapler and staples
  • Black construction paper
  • Pink construction paper
  • White construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Several boxes of macaroni
  • Glue sticks or paste
  • Black markers or crayons
  • Googly eyes


Cut two ears out of the white construction paper.

Cut the eyes, ears (a little bit smaller than the white ears you just made), and nose out of the black construction paper.

Cut two small hearts out of the pink construction paper.

Glue the black ear to the white ear – making sure to leave some white space at the top of the ear.

Assemble and glue the cut out pieces to the paper plate.

Staple the ear to the front paper place.

Fill the paper plate with a handful of macaroni.

Attach another paper plate to the reverse side and staple along the edges.

Glue a googly eye in the center of the eye.

Draw the mouth with a black felt-tipped pen.

At the Party:

Give each guest 2 paper plates and some black, pink, and white construction paper.Have the kids cut out the eyes, nose, and ears out of black construction paper.

Cut two white ears slightly larger than the black ears and glue them together.Then staple them to the front paper plate.

Have each guest cut out two small pink hearts.Tip:If the guests are of preschool age save yourself some trouble and cut the shapes out ahead of time.This way all they need to do is to glue them on.

Glue the black eyes and nose to the front of the first paper plate. Glue the googly eyes to the black eye shape.

Glue the pink hearts on the cheeks and draw a mouth.

Add a cup of macaroni between the front paper plate and back paper plate.

Pass around the stapler to the guests and have them staple the two paper plates together.

Get the guests to form a line and make as much noise as they can in their Panda Parade.

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