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Planning A Birthday Party Craft Activity

We love these fun  birthday party craft ideas that complement your party theme.  You’ll find wonderful, inexpensive,  pre-packaged craft kits at our merchant stores.   Select a kit that compliments your party theme like pirate treasure chests, princess masks or crowns, jewelryzoo animals, monster puppets and lots more!  Put the perfect party together by combining a craft and a party favor.

Here are some craft party planning ideas. Many mom’s like to have a craft activity before the cake and ice cream. If this is your plan, before the children arrive, spread and tape plastic tablecloths on the floor and lay out the craft kits with each child’s name on them in a big square with your art supplies scattered in the center. After the birthday party kids are done with their project, have them leave their craft to dry. While cake and ice cream is being served, ask a friend or family member to put each one into a corresponding goody bag that you have prepared. They will be so proud to go home with a gift that they made themselves and you’ll be receiving compliments for weeks to come.

!f you’ve given a kid’s birthday party before, you know the one thing you don’t want to have is “DOWN TIME”.  Kid’s want to be eating, playing, running and doing all of the time. That’s why Remember to prepare for an unexpected guest or sibling by having an extra kit or too!

Choose from a wide variety of coloring, painting, and other crafts appropriate for children of all ages, as well as baking activities, art activities and more!

Be sure to request a copy of our Birthday Party Planning Checklist, filled with other good party ideas!