Birthday Party Candy Favors from the ©Old Time Candy Company

 Birthday Party Candy Favors

I recently threw a birthday party for my husband and ordered these Prepacked Birthday Party Candy Favors containing 20 of the most popular old time candies in a 1 lb colorful, cellophane bag. There are 11 different bag style from which to choose and you can also choose you own candy selection. Using there prepack selector, I just chose candies from the 50’s, chose my style bag and ribbon color and received my birthday party candy favors neatly packed and ready to take to the party. They were a huge hit with our “60 something”friends but this selection is perfect for any type of party bag or table.

About Old Time Candy Company

Find old-fashioned birthday party candy from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, or 80s,  At Old Time Candy, you can choose from Candy you ate as a kid®, whether buying in bulk, packing your own retro candy assortment in a Pack-a-Bag, or choosing a Decade Box stuffed with candy from their favorite era. Their website has a section for party favors, gift boxes and jars, and even Toys you played with as A kid™ like slinkies, balsa airplanes, magic slates, pick-up sticks, and many more retro toys and games.

Put these great treats and lots more in your loot or goody favor bags and watch the kids find the magic you once did!

  • Fizzies,
  • Wax Lips,
  • Licorice Snaps,
  • Kits, Wax Bottles,
  • Candy Cigarettes,
  • Necco Wafers,
  • Candy Buttons on paper tape,
  • Sky Bars,
  • Atomic Fireballs,
  • Satellite Wafers

Have fun choosing your birthday party candy favors!

birthday party candyBirthday Party Tip: Buying candy in bulk is cheaper, offers a wider selection and is much more fun! Order your candy in time to give you and your special birthday boy or birthday girl a special time for you to pack and tie the bags.

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