Princess Birthday Invitations

Princess Invitations Come in All Sizes and Shapes

Invite all your little princess’ friends to your child’s castle for a very specialprincess party. If you are looking for a more customized invitation, life the one shown here, visit our very own website, or check out the selection of personalized birthday invitations below. Our partner stores have custom invitations to fit any budget.

Here’s another option:

Create  Your Own Princess Birthday Invitations to the BallCreate a Princess Party Invitation

Planning a birthday princess party? It’s time to get creative! Take these easy steps to invite the Knights and Princesses to the ball!  Save money by making your own Birthday Princess Invitations. We’ll show you how. Easy to create do it yourself birthday invitations are fun.

  • Find some pretty parchment paper that you can use as a scroll.
  • Write “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Her Majesty, Princess (kid name) of (your town or city) requires your presence at the celebration of the (*th) year of her birth, at our castle (address); date, time, RSVP to Queen and King (phone #); Please wear your favorite princess gown, knight costume, or prince suit. Crowns and wands will be provided.
  • Then roll up these invitations and either tie them with a ribbon, put a sticker to close, or if you want to really be regal, seal them with wax.
  • Send them in cardboard tubes or hand deliver them.
  • Watch the little Princesses’ eyes glow with anticipation!

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